Jules Catering will plan and coordinate all related services to ensure that your event flows smoothly. With Jules as your caterer, you can be sure to enjoy your own event!

What Will It Cost?
Jules offers outstanding value: we provide the highest quality food and service at modest prices. While pricing naturally depends upon the complexity and length of the event, the Jules sales team will gladly work with you to ensure that both your standards and budget are met.

Estimated Prices
Average per person prices are outlined below. We would be happy to guide you through the process and explain any variables.

Beverage Service
Full Bar (Estimated Cost) $14 to $22 per person
Beer and Wine (Estimated Cost) $8 to $18 per person
Liquor Liability $1.50 per person

Food Service
Hors' D'Oeuvres Menu - One Hour - $12 to $24 per person
Hors D'Oeuvres Menu - Two Hours - $24 to $48 per person
Buffet Dinner - $35 to $50 per person
Sit Down Dinner (Three Courses) $45 to $55 per person Service

Jules will recommend the appropriate staffing level for your event to ensure gracious service at all times. The number of service staff is determined by the size and complexity of the event, and the service time is calculated to include a two hour set up, one hour breakdown, the actual event time and portal to portal fee for chef/manager. Please note additional travel time will be applied for events outside the metro Boston/Cambridge area.

Event Manager - $45 per hour

Chef - $45 per hour

Wait Person - $35 per hour

Bartender - $35 per hour

Kitchen Assistant - $35 per hour

Tableset and Equipment
The estimated cost of items needed to seamlessly conduct the party is driven by the menu selections and the site of the event.  Kitchen rentals, when necessary, will be added to the rental fees.